Hello! I'm Jack, and I'm studying computer science and brain and cognitive sciences at MIT.

Right now, I'm working on natural language processing at The New York Times. I'm also a TA for 6.844, a graduate course on artificial intelligence at MIT. Last summer I co-authored NeMo, a toolkit for working with speech and language, at NVIDIA research. I'm currently taking classes on performance engineering, computer vision, and childhood cognition.

Back in high school, I worked on Mixer since its inception in 2014, all the way from our first working demo, to our acceptance into TechStars Seattle, to winning TechCrunch Disrupt NY, to getting acquired by Microsoft. I continued working at Microsoft for two years following the acquisition before leaving in favor of the new opportunities that awaited me at MIT. While at Microsoft, I worked on Mixer Create, an app that allowed our users to broadcast live video from their smartphones.

I'm also the current director of HackMIT and Blueprint, I attend hackathons around the country, and I enjoy writing about technology. When I'm not at my computer, I'm probably reading a book, biking, or playing badminton.