Jack Cook

Hello! I'm Jack, and I'm studying computer science and neuroscience at MIT. I also work on natural language processing at The New York Times R&D. Starting in 2023, I will be attending Oxford University on a Rhodes scholarship.

I previously interned at NVIDIA research, and I was on the founding team of Mixer (formerly Beam), winner of TechCrunch Disrupt in 2016 and acquired by Microsoft in 2018. I was also previously the director of HackMIT and Blueprint.


Tell Us: What Questions About Climate Change Can We Answer?

Influencing NYT climate reporting with reader engagement.

There’s Always a Bigger Fish

A clarifying analysis of a machine-learning-assisted side-channel attack.

Answers to All Your Questions About Getting Vaccinated for Covid-19

Answering commonly asked questions about Covid-19 vaccines.

NYTimes R&D: Switchboard

Streamlining reader Q&A with zero-shot learning.

Playground / HackMIT 2020

A fun and unique virtual event platform I helped build for HackMIT 2020.

Answers to Your Current Coronavirus Questions

Helping New York Times readers find answers to their questions about Covid-19.

NeMo (Neural Modules)

Open-source framework for speech recognition and language understanding.

HackMIT 2019

My first HackMIT as director. Our theme encouraged hackers to ‘Hack for a Reason.’


Live-streaming startup acquired by Microsoft in 2018.

Element Animation

Mobile app for Element Animation, a YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers.